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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Satellite Images of Alien Moon Base?

I suspect that the long arms of the NMB have been at play at NASA again. Looks like these images have been altered to cover 'something' up. What could it be? I think we all know it's not and 'alien' base.
There is a HUGE alien moon base complex on the far side of the moon. This sounds silly but it is true and we have solid proof… straight from the military.

In 1994, the US Navy sent a satellite called Clementine to the moon to image it for two months. During that time, the satellite took 1.8 million images. Out of those images, 170,000 images were made available to the public. The rest were classified. Classified moon craters?

Within the 170,000 images available, there are many obviously censored images of incredibly massive artificial structures, structures often MILES in width and height. The sheer size of these structures eliminates the possibility that we built them; the numbers of trips by rockets carrying materials would be outrageously large.

This is the biggest discovery in history. Certain military and government agencies have known for decades. The alien moon base has been up there in various forms for possibly tens of thousands of years.

Here are the links to the images. Please understand that you are accessing the images directly from a official image archive. Also, these satellite images have been censored. So you will see images with huge, alien structures that have been photographically “smudged” to hide the structure or structures. Please right click and “save image as” to keep the images and open them in a program for zooming in and closer inspection. I will give a brief description of each image.

This first image shows a rectangular alien structure looking straight down on it. In the image, the structure is small but in scale, it is HUGE! Here it is:

UFO Casebook - Satellite Images of Alien Moon Base

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