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Friday, July 21, 2006

Airforce Vet Comes Clean About Moon Base!

Not of this Earth? What bunk! What this guy saw was clearly evidence of the famed German moon base.
After about thirty minutes of technical discussion and a complete rundown on all the steps in the process, the Airman turned to me and said candidly, "You know they've discovered a base on the back side of the Moon!". I said, "What do you mean?", and again he said, "They have discovered a base on the Moon!" and, surrepticiously, at the same time dropped a photograph in front of me. There it was, a mosaic print of the surface of the Moon, with some sort of geometric structures clearly visible. Scrutinizing the image, I could see spheres and towers. My first thought was, "Whose base is it?" Then I realized the full implication: it was not anyone of this earth

Moon Base Photo Said Seen By Top Security AF Vet!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Nazi Flying Saucers

Evidence? Yes! It's all over the place.

"Place of Sighting: C 14 Flight School at the Prag-Gbell aerodrome. Date of Event: August/September 1943, supposedly on a Sunday (I seem to recall there were no services on that day. The weather was good, dry and sunny. Kind of Observation: "I was with my flight comrades on the air strip, more precisely, near the school buildings, some 2000 meters away from the arsenal (located to the extreme left). See adjoining diagram.The device was inside the hangar: a disk some 5-6 meters in diameter. Its body is relatively large at the center. Underneath, it has four tall, thin legs. Color: Aluminum. Height: Almost as tall as a man. Thickness: some 30 - 40 cm., with an rim of external rods, perhaps square orifices. The upper part of the body (almost a third of the total height) was shrunken over the upper half of the disk. It was flat and rounded. See the attached sketch for the lower half.

Nazi Flying Saucers